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Peppa Pig - Chatterbox - Season 3 - Book 42 - Ladybird

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    Tác giả: LTTK CTV07
    Đăng lúc: 11/8/19

    Peppa Pig talks far too much. Or at least so Suzy thinks. In response, Peppa decides that she is never going to talk, ever again. But this does not last for very long at all.

    Read more in this charming piggy tale.
    Peppa Pig is the most popular pre-school licensed character; the Peppa Pig range of books are fun, interactive and educational, ideal for encouraging children to start to read by themselves. Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa's favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

    Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling reading series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each Read it yourself book is very carefully written to include many key, high-frequency words that are vital for learning to read, as well as a limited number of story words that are introduced and practised throughout. Simple sentences and frequently repeated words help to build the confidence of beginner readers and the four different levels of books support children all the way from very first reading practice through to independent, fluent reading.
    Each book has been carefully checked by educational consultants and can be read independently at home or used in a guided reading session at school. Further content includes comprehension puzzles, helpful notes for parents, carers and teachers, and book band information for use in schools.

    Designed to be read independently at home or used in a guided reading session at school.
    All titles include comprehension puzzles, guidance notes and book band information for schools.

    * Synopsis
    Suzie claims that Peppa talks too much and in order to prove her wrong, Peppa tries to stop speaking all together; something that provides to be very difficult.

    * Summary
    At Peppa's House, Suzie has come to play with Peppa and she makes an attempt to have a discussion with her. But before she can, Peppa interrupts her story to tell her what they did before. She only stops upon realizing that Suzie has gotten frustrated and she asks her what the problem is. Suzie claims that Peppa speaks way too much, so they run inside to ask Mummy Pig. There, she tries to avoid saying her true opinion, but happens to say that Peppa may very well be a chatterbox.
    As they head back outside, Peppa claims that she could easily stop talking but Suzie doesn't believe her. They bicker momentarily before Peppa decides that she will just have to prove it to Suzie, so she silences herself.
    It's then Zoë Zebra shows up to ask them about her lovely new dress. compliments it, but Zoë becomes confused given Suzie's response, so she asks about it. As Peppa doesn't help much, Peppa is forced to reveal what she was doing before she goes silent again.
    Soon Pedro Pony comes along with some grapes, which he offers to his friends. Peppa makes an attempt to ask, although Suzie and Zoë claim her mouthing and strange behavior does not count because it's cheating. Then Suzie demands that Peppa doesn't blink, to make things worse. As they explain what is going on, Danny Dog then comes by.
    At this point, an angry Peppa resumes speaking and begins to make fun of Suzie as payback. She claims that Suzie is just as noisy as she is and they resume arguing until Danny suggests that they all prove that they can be silent. Then they run inside to show Mummy Pig, but they end up chattering too much. She offers to help them start, so she counts to three and the children all go very quiet.
    Daddy Pig arrives to a surprising scene and asks Mummy Pig about it. She explains what is going on, but Peppa is unable to keep quiet and sadly begins to tell Daddy Sheep what she was called earlier. He insists that it isn't bad though, since talking can be a good thing sometimes. In fact he believes Peppa may be an expert at talking.
    After Suzie claims she has to be one also, the girls start to bicker, but just for a moment. They share a laugh and everyone starts to chatter as the episode ends.

    * About the Author
    Peppa Pig is a BAFTA award-winning preschool animation shown daily on channel Five's Milkshake and Nick Jnr. Join Peppa and her family on their funny, action-packed, everyday adventures in this collection of activity, story and novelty books.


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